House wires (FR/FRLS/HR/HFFR)


ALTOCAB is a trusted name in Power & control. Manufacturing cables for over 20 years. Altocab now introduces homecab, the FR PVC insulated multistrand flexible house wires with fire resistant properties.

Electricity is man's best friend. We cannot imagine life without electricity. But electricity can cause srious accidents if not handled properly. Therefore it is essential to select the right brand wires to ensure total safety for your dream house.

ALTOCAB HOMECAB has a specially formulaed insulation with a higher oxygen and temperature index FR properties which enables the cable to withstand overloads.

CONDUCTORS: The conductors are drawn from bright electrolytic grade copper annealed and bunched together.

INSULATION: Bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated FR PVC (Heat resistant PVC) compound with high insulation resistant values.The insulation process is carried out on modern high speed extrusion lies with high accuracy, ensuring consistency in perfomance. FR properties enable the cable to withstand overload. The insulation is resistant to boiling water, steam and vapours and prevents ageing and cracking in kitchens, bathrooms, damp walls, chemical industries etc.

COLOURS: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green and Grey.

PACKING: 90 Meters (approx. 100 yards) pack in protective cartons

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PVC Cables
"Altocab" Single Core Plain Copper / Aluminum Conductor PVC Insulated unsheathed and PVC Sheathed 650 / 1100 V. House Service wires

AS PER IS: 694 : 1990 with ISI Mark

Nominal area of conductor Number/Nom. Dia. of wire Thickness of Insulation (Nom) Approx. overall Diameter Current carrying capacity Rating Reistance (Max) per Km @20C
sq. mm. mm. mm. mm. Amps. Ohms.
1.0 14/0.3 0.7 2.65 12 18.10
1.5 22/0.3 0.7 2.95 16 12.10
2.5 36/0.3 0.7 2.95 16 12.10
4.0 56/0.3 0.8 3.55 22 7.41
6 84/0.3 0.8 4.6 37 3.30
10 80/0.4 1.0 5.8 51 1.91
16.0 126/0.4 1.0 6.8 68 1.21
Note: 1) The number and diameter of conductor strands are for reference only and governed by conductor resistance.
2) All the information given above is in good faith. ALTOCAB shall not be liable for any damages arising out of incorrect use.
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PVC Cables PVC Cables PVC Cables